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Intense lobbying for top NNPC jobs commences

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Guaranty Trust Bank has stated that it will render a half-day service on Tuesday nationwide to enable all its branches carry-out  half year Audit exercise.
In a text message sent to its customers on Saturday, the bank said: “Please be informed that our branches will close early on Tuesday, 30th June.The internet protocol provides for the connectionless and connection-based transfer of
packets across an interconnected set of networks called the internet. In general the component    networks may use different protocols; so the objective of IP is to provide communications across   dissimilar networks.Each device that is attached to the internet has a two-part address namely: The Host Part
and The Network Part. To transmit an IP Packet, a device sends an IP Packet encapsulated using   its local network protocol to the nearest router. The Routers are packet switches that act as the    gateway between the components of the network. The router performs a route lookup algorithm    on the network part of the destination address to determine whether the destination is in an  immediately accessible network or, if not, to determine the next router in the path to the  destination. After this the router then forwards the IP packet across the given network. In other words IP treats the component network as data link layers whose role is to transfer
the packet to the nearest router or to the destination.

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