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‘Calm down, your money is safe’

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‘Calm down, your money is safe’

In a move to dose tension, an MMM participant has told his colleagues that the freeze will help the community weed out the “bad eggs”.

He also assured that the freeze will be lifted in January.

The participant, who introduced himself as “Alpha Romeo”, assured other participants that their money is safe with the scheme.

News broke on Tuesday that the accounts of “Mavros” have been frozen and withdrawals have been suspended till January.

“I want you to understand that MMM began in November 2015, it saw December 2015 and crossed into 2016,” he wrote.

“Today, 2016 December, we are faced with many challenges. So many people are running multiple accounts and this is killing the system. They take money from A and pay to B, then C and D without bringing new spare money into the system thereby short changing the system and this has caused a lot of issues.

“In situations where they are unable to pay, they upload a fake BOP. Many of us have issues of fake BOP and the issue of fake BOP is in thousands. CRO has too many fake BOP issues in their hands and that is why they have been unable to reply us quickly as they used to.

“When I joined MMM in March, there was nothing like fake BOP, all those who were matched to pay were paid. Everything was fine until the bad eggs came into the system,” he said.

According to him, the freezing is a welcome development.

“Now, this freezing of confirmed Marvodi is a very welcome development because it will give the community and CRO the opportunity to weed out the bad eggs. Those people who have multiple accounts, who are cheating the system and uploading fake BOP will be trashed out this December.

“Even guiders are very strong culprits of having multiple accounts and when participants are unable to meet up payments , they upload fake BOP thereby killing and wasting another participant’s time. I can assure everybody that the issue of fake BOP will be resolved this December maybe before 20th.

“It is better to have 1 million faithful participants than to have 3 million participants where 2 million are criminals.

“Be calm, be happy and know that your Mavrodi is safe. The freeze will be lifted in January and those of us who are genuine can GH in peace. By next year, there will be nothing like fake BOP. MMM cares about you.”

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