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Our Judiciary is sick – Bayeshea

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By Kayode Adeoti

Sir, what is your perception towards some SANs in the country who were currently facing corruption charges

We all know that Nigeria has vase resources which are in the hands of the few who are siphoning it every day. Some people must rise up to action to fight the menace. After going to school, our youths come back home, no work, this is not because Nigeria has over 170millions of poor people but because its wealth is in the hands of less than 500 selected high class. Somebody must bell the cat, not everybody is corrupt, we still have some who are outstanding. In fact, the coming generation have learnt from our leaders that to steal is to be a hero and to be rich, the more you steal the more they hail you, in Ghana, this matter of corruption was faced squarely when Jerry Rawlings took it headlong. He brought out the past leaders, Presidents and Head of state of Ghana, lined them at the beach and executed them, I’m not saying this style should be adopted but we need to do something drastic too. I used to think I’m the only one worried about this country; corruption alone in Nigeria is a fundamental project. Nobody steals in million again but in billions and we are talking of recession. Prof Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory once postulated that we are always dealing with the effect of the problem and not the problem. Look at Dubai, United Arab Emirate, their exchange rate is stable. This is because no stealing in their country, they are free from destructive, animalistic and sadistic tendencies that make people loot. Our president is trying in his bid to rid the country of the menace. Corruption is a hydra headed monster that is killing Nigeria.

Bringing it down to Judiciary, do you see the sector aiding corruption?

I’ve always say judiciary is part and parcel of us, it’s a system that is sick. Nigeria system in all ramifications is sick, social, political, economy, cultural religion is sick, judges are human beings, what we expect is that people who have the privilege to judge others should be above board, they should not do what others are doing because they are next to God who will judge all of us.  In fact, some of them are more criminally minded than the criminals that they were asked to judge, just as we have some of them that are bad in the judiciary, that’s how we have it too in all other sectors. But judges ought to be different because of the special position they occupy in the society. People look up to them for help just as they look on to God. Recently in America when Trump came on board and caused hullabaloo within one week, all eyes were on the judiciary to solve it and the judiciary came in to calm it.

Look at what happened in the case of James Ibori, a convict, while abroad, he pleaded guilty in their court to the charges. But the same offence of 170 charges, that infamous judge declared him free here. He ran to Dubai, when their authority saw the way he was spending, they tracked him and found that he brought laundering money to their country, they raisedb alarm, UK got knowledge of this too, they reacted. You can see the irony, quickly between UK and UAE, they arranged an extradition and he was taken to UK. The rest is history, he served a jail term although he didn’t complete it because he was given parole, and he came back as a big hero. Imagine our country celebrating a convict.

Sir, people have questioned the extension of the TIC across the state, what is your position on this?

I will like to reserve my comment over the issue of Kwara because a lot has been said, a lot is being said and a lot will still be said. This statement is loaded, I’m sure many people who can read between the lines can decode it. As for constituting Transmission Implementation Committee in various local governments, what the law and the constitution expect is that there should be democratically elected government at local government level, even if there’s going to be a committee, it ought to be a such a temporary between the end of the term of one local government and when the election will be conducted for the new ones, it ought not be a permanent issue. That system has been abused, this is why it is not enough for people to sit down and be complaining and groaning. People don’t suffer in silence anymore, but loudly. Wole Soyinka was the one who said that a man dies when he keeps quiet in the face of oppression. Nobody goes to court or anywhere to challenge the action. We all swallowed it and we are suffering in silence.

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