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When I made senior lawyer shivers, speechless in Court

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The lead counsel of Y.Y Ajibade & Co, Adeyinka Yakub had his tutelage with the former Ilorin NBA chairman, R.O Balogun, he also had a brief stint with Lasun Sanusi & Co (SAN) in Ibadan, 2013, after he was called to bar in 2010. In this interview with KAYODE ADEOTI he shares his most theatrical moment in court as a jurist. Excerpts:

The one that came to mind is when I was under the tutelage of R.O Balogun. I’d always been appearing in court with my seniors in all my years of practice under my boss until the opportunity to prove my worth came. Because of the kind of relationship that existed between my boss and I, I decided to let him know that I don’t like the idea of appearing with my seniors all the time in court, then, he assured me that I will get a chance. In my mind, I thought the chance will come much later but my mind deceived me.

There was a time our HoC, Mr Ahmed was supposed to go for a case in Ganmo in Ilorin, but around this time, his wife was put to bed through operation, and he could not make it. So he called me a day to the case. The case he was supposed to appear for was for hearing. That turned out to be the first time I will be going for hearing case all alone and all along, because before this time, I’d never had a chance. At first, when I was called, I was shivering and scared to my bone-marrow. But after that, I prepared thoroughly, I went into research, I sort guidance from my seniors, my boss was supposed direct me as well but he was not around.

Getting to court, when the lawyer on the other side saw me, he was so happy and he said he was going to beat me to the game easily. He was a senior lawyer from Offa. We had a preliminary objection to the application and when I took this up, he was shocked to his bone-marrow of what I was up to. I conducted myself diligently, even some seniors in the court marveled. I took him up to the point that he became speechless, he was embarrassed. I brought out the first authority I had earlier submitted, it defined the subject matter perfectly, when he thought I didn’t have any, I introduced the second one, the third one nailed him down. I didn’t know the mind of the court but I think the court had sympathy for the counsel on the other side, because they decided to adjourn the case for ruling for a month. Before I got to the office, the information about my performance has already reached them. A lot of people have called my boss to tell him that he should be sending me to court instead of all others. That day, my boss gave me N4000. I think it was the appearance fee, encouraging me to keep the flag flying. I can never forget the day because it shut me out.

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