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BRT Bus stop or bread stall?

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The structure is new and serves dual purpose for them; a shed hiding them away from the scorching sun, and a store for their ware-bread, among other items. That is what has become of the newly constructed BRT bus stop at Geri-Alimi, Ilorin, Kwara State. Bread sellers and other road side traders in the area have brazenly taken over the infrastructure to suit their selfish purpose(s). It is sad to note that while the laudable transport scheme is yet to commence, the facility put in place by government to ensure its smooth take off suffers misuse by people; potential beneficiaries. \

This development goes to show that the blame for the beleaguering problems we are faced with in this country, cannot be laid solely at the door steps of our leaders; the followers (the governed) have a share in the blame. The negative attitude of people to public infrastructure leaves much to be desired.  People are wont to criticize government for not providing infrastructure in their domain and when such is put in place, they exhibit non-challant attitude towards its maintenance. Whereas, the durability of any government property lies in the hands of the people. It is in this clime that public properties are regarded as nobody’s business. Within Ilorin metropolis, there abound silted drainages, despite the danger this poses to residents particularly during the rainy season and the effect on existing road infrastructure, people turn blind eye to it, not conscious of the fact that government has played its part by providing the drainage while its maintenance should be their responsibility.

It is only when people join government in maintaining public projects and properties that development in all the sectors of the economy can be attained. It is pertinent that Kwarans help in safeguarding government property in their domains in their own interest. Many communities have been left in darkness because their transformers were vandalised as efforts were not made to safeguard them. It is the residents not government bearing the brunt of the vandalism. Recently, some yet to be identified suspects vandalised the equipment that controls traffic lights system at the overhead bridge at the Post Office area in Ilorin.

Fortunately, the stolen equipment were recovered by security agents. However, this, act is a setback to the infrastructural development of the state. The misuse of public property or vandalism or same is unacceptable and inimical to genuine transformation, which the present administration of Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed desires. Government property are investment, which must not be allowed to suffer neglect or waste away. It also behooves security agencies in the state to protect government property from being misused.

Living in darkness; tale of Gaa Odota community

The plight of a colleague is best imagined, his community of abode in Gaa Odota, Ilorin, Kwara State has been plunged into darkness for the past two months. This explains his reluctance to leave the office early for his home after the close of work. The hot weather has made the community one hell of a place to live in.
The problem is not unconnected to a faulty transformer, which has defied repair efforts sponsored by the community.

This situation has posed untold hardship to residents of the area and thus affected their standard of living. Noise pollution as become a common decimal at night time as those who could afford it put on generating sets as alternative to supply light touch their homes.

This development undoubtedly exposes to the community to criminals who may want to operate under cover of darkness.

Artisans operating in the area are daily running out of business because of the energy challenge. Some of them have dumped their skilled art for other enterprises less dependant on electricity.

Several efforts by the community to get government attention for the provision of transformer as proved abortive and as such they have resigned to fate. The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) is not helping matters with its nonchalance to the plight of the community. The company reported requested for the sum of N4m for installation of new transformer in the community.

This is a community that houses hundreds of people, if power supply is restored in the area, economic activity will be enhanced and some also the standard of living.

It is hope that the state Ministry of Energy will help resolve the electricity problem confronting the community by providing a transformer soon. Gaa-Odota is part of the state and should be treated as such.

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