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Actress warns colleagues against relationship with married men 

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Actress warns colleagues against relationship with married men 

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has taken a swipe at young ladies who have sexual relationships with married men.

She said they should not expect a different outcome when they get married because karma will always catch up with them.

The actress, via her Instagram page @georginaonuoha, lamented the increasing rate of broken marriages which is supposed to be forever.

She wrote: “This beautiful thing called marriage. It is every woman’s dream. It is sacred, it is beautiful. No one ventures into it just to have it fail. It is an institution on its own that you never graduate.

“You keep learning every single moment in it. How can something so beautiful go wrong? From hi’s to hugs to kisses and romance. All of a sudden tears and pains? And at end most are left broken, pained and hurt.

“Those who are single wish to be married, while those that are married are looking for a narrow escape because of the unbecoming shenanigans arising in it.

“If you specialise in sleeping with people’s husbands and expect a different outcome when you married, then you are delusional.

“Karma is a bitch. “When faith will come for you, yours will be unbearable.”

She also blasted women who condemn women that leave their marriages without knowing their struggles or pains involved.

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