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 Why I’ll reject political appointment – Kunle Afolayan

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 Why I’ll reject political appointment – Kunle Afolayan

Ace film maker, Kunle Afolayan  in this interview with MUMINI ABDULKAREEM and KAYODE ADEOTI speaks on his new  movie, Omugwo. The Kwara-born entertainer also broached on issues on the Nigerian  film industry.


What is the message in your new flick, Omugwo?

Omugwo borders on Igbo culture; the story gives room for good comedy at the same time blending it with other values.  The film expresses some cultural elements.

What inspired the storyline?

The story idea affects all tribes; all the rituals that are performed in the film are similar to what Yoruba people do. Only that the issue discussed in the film is not name tagged in Yoruba culture but in Igbo and time bound. It is Omugwo and it takes three months. Yoruba mothers can go  and stay with their daughter-in-law  for as long as she wants. The special thing about it is the rivalry between Yoruba and Igbo mother in-laws. We are going to see all the cultural differences and how they managed to resolve it.

What is the budget size for the film?

 I try not to go into budget. If you believe in something and you are realistic about it, the sky is your limit. First, I’m an artiste, and if you are also an entrepreneur, you will always ensure  balancing in your production and financial values. If you look at the life span of an average commercial film, when they get to the market, they sell but  don’t stay long. So, it is about doing your work well. I don’t compromise my brand, it sometimes open door for another investment, so, it’s either money or mileage.

Would you attribute your success in the industry to the fact you are born into it?

I am not the only one born into film making, Lasun Ray too was born into it, Femi Adebayo, I have siblings too, but we are all different. I started as an actor, but today I am a film maker. I am the son of Ade Love, but I have to add some value to that in order to make my brand, though the background has really crowned my effort. I was in school to study film making, but I think I am born to do this.

Which film brought you to lime light as a film maker?

It is figurine

What is your daily routine like?

If I’m not on set, I am in my office. I run a production home in Ikeja, Lagos. And if I am not there it means I am drinking beer somewhere or probably outside Nigeria.

It is someone who sleeps that wakes up, I don’t sleep. I rarely do, I am hypertensive and check my BP when I remember  to. The truth is that, I am born to do this; there is a kind of inner fulfilment in what I do. I am not of one those who panic over death.

Are you thinking of going into politics?

I can never go into politics.

What about taking up political appointment?

I will not take up any political appointment that will not allow me to take active participation in film making. I am not just an actor; I am a film maker, so that allows me to go for at least six film festivals around the world in a year. I also go to places to give talk on film making. So, I can only take appointment that will allow me put a structure that will help my mission in life and the industry.

What has been your greatest challenge?

I can’t remember because I have crossed that hurdle.

How has your career affected your role at the home front?

How many children see their fathers regularly these days? Thank God for technology. I can count the number of times I saw my father during his life time. The children of nowadays are very lucky.  I have asked my children if they would  prefer me sit at home with them, but they prefer me to go out and find means for them.

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