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‘I had tutelage for 13yrs as fish farmer’

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It’s no gainsays that expertise and experience remains the fulcrum upon which success of any gainful venture is hinged. Dr. Tajudeen Ajibola is a Ph D. Holder in Aquaculture who successfully translated his knowledge to practicals, having one of the largest catfish farm. Today, he is the most successful fish farmer in Kwara State.
He is the Chief Executive Officer ‘Fish For All Konsult a subsidiary of Walik Fish Ventures.
Ajibola said he started commercial fish farmer by first serving his master in Delta State for 13 years as a manager of a large fish farm in the Niger Delta.
According to him while performing his work as manager, he was visited by a team from Food and Agriculture Organisation of Nigeria (FAO) under United Nations (UN) who appointed him as the national Consultant in Aquaculture because of his experience and educational background.
He said, “While I was serving under the UN, I started planning for my own future as well. I acquired land and dug two ponds as the phase one of my fish business.
“Gradually I increased it to seven , twelve and today I have thirteen production ponds with  standard hybrid.
The CEO said he invested N350,000 as initial capital in 2001 and the farm is now yielding millions of naira for the farmer.
He said potential fish farmers who want to venture into the venture must seek expert advice.
The expert stressed that most times people rush into fish farming but end up rushing out because they consulted quacks.
He noted that fish farming is not a business for the rich as it is generally perceived but interested investors who cannot dig and own a pond can go on clusters by renting ponds from government and private owners to start within their capacities.
Ajibola who is the Kwara State branch Chairman of Catfish Farmers Association called on the youths to be creative by embracing fish farming as a means of self-reliance. He also urged the government to support farmers with loans to enhance their businesses.

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