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I’ll not date anyone in film industry again – Toyin Aimakhu 

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I’ll not date anyone in film industry again – Toyin Aimakhu 

…as Egbegbe remains in prison

Some still find it hard to believe that actress Toyin Aimakhu once dated Seun Egbegbe.

Actress Toyin Aimakhu has finally opened up about her ex- boo, Seun Egbegbe.

Toyin, who has since ditched the name Aimakhu for Abraham said in a recent interview that dating Seun was a terrible mistake.

Many have been waiting for the popular actress to speak on her romantic relationship with filmmaker and convicted criminal.

She added that she has been unlucky when it comes to love but she has been lucky in her job and as a result she will never date in the industry again.

She described her time with Egbegbe as a terrible mistake

Egbegbe is still remanded in prison after he was caught trying to defraud some bureau de change operators of $9,000 and £3000. This is after he was caught and beaten in Computer Village, Ikeja for attempting to steal nine brand new iPhone devices.

Meanwhile, alleged fraudster, Seun Egbegbe, continues to wither away in the general cell of Ikoyi prisons where he has taken residence for more than 100 days now.

Family and friends of the entertainment promoter have hit a brick wall in their attempts to secure his bail according to a source close to him.

According to the source, friends and benefactors have abandoned the socialite, leaving him to carry his cross alone.

“Now, the frequency of people visiting him in the prison has reduced drastically. All his friends and followers have gone under. They are afraid of being implicated. It is only his heavily pregnant girlfriend, Nikky Berry and his parents that visit him now. They still prepare his food from home. Most of his girlfriends and those he supports financially have deserted him. Nikky is the only girl left with him now. She really stands by him all through his travails.”

He added that nobody wants to stand as surety for Seun Egbegbe due to the stringent nature of the bail conditions he was slammed with. He added that Seun didn’t understand the gravity of his situation at the initial stage but that he now fully realises that he is in serious trouble.

He said, “Things are not as expected at all. He earlier thought it was a child’s play. It’s now he understands better the kind of situation he is in. I learnt that his family has since been running from pillar to post to get him out of detention, but their efforts are yet to yield the desired results as nobody is ready to stand as surety for him because of the stringent conditions attached.”

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