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One married, pregnant before abduction

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One of the 104 Chibok schoolgirls who regained freedom from Boko Haram captivity was “pregnant before her abduction”.

Zannah Mustapha, the lawyer who brokered the two deals, which led to the release of the victims, quoted the girl to have said this, moments before leaving the camp of Boko Haram.

Mustapha told the BBC that all the girls confirmed that they were not molested while in custody.

Kidnapped since 2015, some of them were freed from custody after a series of negotiations between the sect and the federal government.

The first batch comprising 21 were released in October 2016 while 82 others were released on May, 6 this year.

“The 21 women were lined up and asked by Boko Haram militants if they had been raped. They all said they were not,” Mustapha told the BBC.

“One of the girls was however seen carrying a baby but she said she was pregnant at the time of her abduction, having got married a few weeks earlier.

“The baby girl in her arms, she said, was her husband’s child.”

The process of asking each of the girls whether they were molested was also repeated when 82 more were released earlier this month.

According to Mustapha, one of about seven Boko Haram militants, who accompanied the 82 girls out of the sect’s hideout, had asked them one after the other: “Throughout the time you were with us, did anyone rape you or touch you?”

He added that each of the girls replied in the negative.

One of them, however, had an amputated limb and was walking with crutches.

According to what Mustapha was told, she had sustained the injury during Nigerian military air strikes against the sect.

The names of the 82 girls were then called out after which Mustapha reportedly announced to them that they are now free.

 “When I told them to go to the cars, they all ran,” Mustapha said.

“Immediately they entered the vehicles, they started singing for joy. Some shed tears.”

Meanwhile, one of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls has escaped from her Boko Haram captors.

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman who confirmed this to TheCable, yesterday, however did not make further disclosure.

This is coming a few days after 82 of the girls were released to the Nigerian government.

About 276 girls were kidnapped from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno state on April 14, 2014.

Since then a number of them have regained freedom. 57 of the girls escaped the night they were kidnapped while three of the girls were later found.

In total, 164 girls have regained freedom while 112 of them are still in captivity.

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