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Secret of Saraki’s dominance by popular Ilorin cleric, Sheikh Eleha

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By Mumini Abdulkareem

For those who have been wondering where lays the secret of dominance of the late strong man of Kwara politics, Dr Olusola Saraki, in the political affairs of the state, came a reply from the religious circle.

According to Sheikh Imran AbdulMajeed Eleha, the sacrifices and philanthropic activities of late Saraki to feed the destitute and give succour to the downtrodden in the society are charitable acts that occupy a special place in the sight of Allah.

He said the late Saraki’s philanthropic gesture is the reason his son has triumphed in many of his political struggles.

While speaking at a religious function in Ilorin at the weekend, the Ilorin-born but Lagos-based Islamic scholar described charity as a highly meritorious deeds in the sight of Allah that never allow the person involved in it to be disgraced in life.

He said: Among the qualities of a good Muslim is philanthropy and I will advise Muslims to immerse themselves in charitable activities.

“Let me give you a spiritual secrete that is very potent, trusted and tested and even encouraged by Allah. If you want to live life to the fullest and avoid all evils, then engage in charity, simple.

“Feed the poor, cloth the naked and provide shelter to the homeless and be a cheerful giver.

“This is not about being religious or not but the reality. The Prophet (SAW) said charity is the antidote to all tests and trails but many of us don’t take heed of that advice except the politicians today… and that is why top politicians in the country who engage in charity are hardly disgraced in life.

“They will have their days with the almighty but Allah will answer the prayer from those they assisted some of whom are very close to Allah.

“Saraki was a great philanthropist who identified with and assisted a large number of the needy and destitute in the society and God rewarded him for it till he died. His son is reaping part of the charity seed sowed by his father. His father was not disgraced until his death.

“When some people were saying the late Saraki will fall, I tell them that will never happen and even today his son is reaping from that. I am not a politician and I have not collected any money from the Sarakis or any politician in Kwara or Lagos but that is the secret. What the father has done is one of the most potent spiritual weapons to fight poverty and attain greater progress in life.

“That is why you also see the likes of late Lamidi Adedibu, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and others moving up, they are very generous and cheerful givers and that in the sight of Allah attract great reward and protection,” he added.

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